Advisory Board

Alexander Bobrovnikov

Alexander Bobrovnikov graduated from the Higher School of Economics in Russia in the specialty of Business-Informatics. At the end of his studies he was working with applied mathematics in a research team. He applied FCA and clustering methods to find out stable groups for web sites visitors by working with raw data. He is also a graduate of Singularity University.
Alex worked for some time in IT as a business consultant in Oracle software afterwards and later switched to developing a web site for storing old games which were not finished due to disjoint of a team.
He studied high-tech and researched a few upcoming trends as a futurist. All of which were implemented by other teams in the next years and are currently well known:

  1. Windows which can change the view from the window by getting data from cameras depending on what the viewer wants;
  2. Paper letters from email. Currently was made a concept by design group. Business plan showed that it is not yet commercially interesting;
  3. Google Art project as it is was first acknowledged at GSP09 first pitch section and implemented by Google in two years. Though the original pitch idea was about global edutainment for all countries.
Alex was invited to Singularity University as a student for GSP09 and took part in the process of shaping its current state. He also was involved in CiviGuard emergency relief network while researching how current high-tech can help in disaster relief.
During studies and work periods he also studied and has been extremely interested in fields such as modern psychology, neuroscience, particularly FMRI, sociology, and stem cells. He is also interested in edutainment, new methods of HID, and expanding human capabilities. Of particular interest is political bottlenecks for such technologies. He also researched the field of an AI in the sense of market and political changes.
Alex considers himself a transhumanist. He is currently working for himself on behalf of implementing science and studying upcoming psychological shifts surrounding new technologies as well as threats. He has completed and continues doing analytical work for investment in startups for web and high-tech. He also continues futuristic studies.
His free time is usually spent as a photographer, tech-diver, and unicyclist. Read his LinkedIn profile and his Singularity University profile.