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Alex Lightman

Alex Lightman is an author, entrepreneur, and futurist, who has made significant contributions to the adoption of IPv6, served as CTO of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization, and has authored several books on technology and society.
Alex served as Executive Director of Humanity+ from August 2009 until July 2010, and writes extensively for h+ magazine. He is a director of Fortune Nest Corporation (Bahrain, Beijing and Beverly Hills, CA) and of Inova Technology.
He is an award-winning educator, an inventor with several US patents issued or pending and the author of over 800,000 words, including 12 articles in h+ magazine, and Brave New Unwired World: The Digital Big Bang and The Infinite Internet, the first book on 4G wireless.
He has advised NATO, the US Department of Defense, and a number of governments on Internet Protocol version 6, the 128-bit successor to the current Internet, IPv4. His advocacy led to the only Congressional hearings held on US Internet Leadership, conducted by The Government Reform Committee and at which Alex testified, leading to implementation of his recommendations to mandate IPv6 for the US government and require IPv6 as part of government information technology contracts.
Alex studied Civil and Environmental Engineering, and graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1983 (Course I-A), and attended graduate school at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. He lives in Santa Monica, California, where he runs marathons.
His patents include Method and system for data transmission between wearable devices or from wearable devices to portal and Wearable computing device capable of responding intelligently to surroundings.
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