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Dr. Aharon Hauptman said

A worldwide expert survey on 20 future developments in nanobiotechnology by the Interdisciplinary Center for Technology Analysis and Forecasting (ICTAF) at Tel Aviv University is available for download.

Dr. Aharon Hauptman is coauthor of the ICTAF Expert Survey on Nanobiotechnology and is a senior researcher at the Interdisciplinary Center for Technology Analysis and Forecasting (ICTAF) at Tel-Aviv University since 1988. He received a Ph.D. in Engineering (Fluid Mechanics) from Tel-Aviv University in 1986. He specializes in Technology Foresight and evaluation of trends in various emerging technologies, such as Nanotechnology, Nanobiotechnology, MEMS, Smart Materials and Structures, quantum technologies and more, and is very interested in their impact on our lives.
Understanding technological and societal changes by means of Technology Foresight is considered at ICTAF as crucial for adequate policy and decision-making, especially when human society is more and more dependant on science and technology. Aharon has been involved in several Foresight studies and in Delphi surveys as a basis for R&D policy. A recent example is a Foresight study on selected future developments in Nanobiotechnology, performed for the European network of excellence Nano-to-Life. Nano-to-Life is the first European Network of Excellence in the field of nanobiotechnology supported by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme. Nano-to-Life aims at setting the basis for a virtual European Nanobiotech Institute.
He has lectured in courses on technology forecasting at the Technion – the Israel Institute of Technology and in other institutions. He takes part in the expert panel of the online Technology Forecasting system TechCast, and is a member of the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF).
Back in the 20th century, Aharon initiated and edited a Hebrew Science Fiction magazine, and was one of the founders of the Israeli Society for Science Fiction. He wrote numerous popular science and future-oriented articles in several Israeli newspapers and magazines, both printed and electronic.
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