Advisory Board

Adam Kisby

Adam Kisby is a philosopher and certified philosophical practitioner. As such, he is a member of the American Philosophical Association and the National Philosophical Counseling Association. An anomaly among anomalies, he also is a member of the Omega Society, a one-in-a-million level high IQ society, and the Society for Scientific Exploration, an organization of scientists and scholars dedicated to the study of unusual and unexplained phenomena.
In his book, A Revolutionary Kind of Science, he demonstrates that principles common to many versions of the scientific method operate as epistemic filters, precluding from scientific consideration whole classes of bona fide phenomena, and proposes modified principles on which to base a new kind of scientific method that properly accommodates anomalous phenomena. He also has written for such publications as Skeptic, prompting considerable controversy with his proof of the general theory of evolution, and Termite, winning the Ronald K. Hoeflin Literary Prize for his proof of the ubiquity of extraterrestrial intelligence.
Adam’s ongoing research includes exploring the complex relationship between intelligence and belief, especially by means of his Exceptionally Intelligent Individuals’ Extraordinary Ideas Index (EIIEII). His current concerns, occasioning his serving as an advisor to the Lifeboat Foundation, include risks associated with scientific and religious dogmatism, human and non-human intelligence, and technological advancement without corresponding philosophical sophistication.
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