Advisory Board

Adam Kennedy

Adam Kennedy is Marketing Manager at Armor Down and Staffing Coordinator at Hire Alternatives.
Armor Down is an innovative organization whose main goal is the reintegration of veterans back into society upon completion of their respective tour(s) of duty. Armor Down utilizes proven mindfulness approaches, personal training, and Resiliency and Transition Techniques, to reconnect the mind and body. Over time, Armor Down’s flagship program, known as, “Mindful Basic Training,” mitigates the hyper-vigilance associated with military training. Specifically, this program addresses the negative psychological effects of PTSD and other associated post-military affective disorders encountered by service men and women.
Hire Alternatives is one of those rare business gems that lives up to its own ideology. The motto, “We Make A Difference,” is practiced in every single interaction from top to bottom. Everyone that walks in their doors is treated with equal reverence, from CEOs to the newest employees. Placing people first is what distinguishes this firm from all of the rest.
Adam earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Religion/Religious Studies at Georgia State University in 2016.
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