Advisory Board

Adam Glickman

Adam Glickman is Cofounder of Beyond Light and Project and Quality Engineer at Adam Glickman Quality Engineering.
Adam is a technologist and manager with experience in roles of Quality, Systems, Manufacturing, and Engineering.
He is experienced in design, implementation, and management, and in creating quality systems that comply with the regulations and the needs of businesses. He has successfully created quality systems for technology product and processes. He has accomplished implementation of LEAN, Knowledge Management, Six Sigma, Social Collaborative Networks, and Business Systems with integrating quality to corporate needs.
Adam has a proven ability to create ISO compliant systems, improve supplier quality, and optimize the manufacturing process by involving the collective effort of employees. He successfully has accomplished improvement by developing and driving the use of data-based solutions for product development, supplier feedback, and manufacturing.
Adam earned his B.S. in Industrial Technology at California State University, Chico in 1990. He also took classes in Business Law, Polymers, Chemistry, and CAD/CAM. He was certified as a Certified Nanotechnology & Clean Technology Professional at the California Institute of Nanotechnology in 2008.
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