Advisory Board

Dr. Aaron Ericsson

Aaron Ericsson, DVM is Comparative Medicine Resident/Post-Doctoral Fellow at Research Animal Diagnostic Laboratory, University of Missouri.
Aaron earned his B.A. in English, with an emphasis on medieval literature, from the University of Iowa in 1994. After several years working in the field of veterinary medicine, he completed a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine magna cum laude in 2006, and a residency in Comparative Medicine in 2009, both at the University of Missouri. He is nearing the completion of a Ph.D. in Area Pathobiology, utilizing animal models of human diseases to benefit the health of both animals and humans.
His primary interest is mucosal immunology and, in particular, the role of the innate immune system and the gut microbiota in gastrointestinal diseases such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Colorectal Cancer. His Ph.D. studies focus on the role of Dendritic Cells in the initiation and maintenance of gastrointestinal inflammation, as well as noninvasive methods of detecting epithelial changes in gene expression predictive of colon cancer such as fecal biomarkers of epithelial dysplasia.
Aaron has extensively utilized primary cell culture techniques focusing on cells of the mucosal immune system, flow cytometry and intracellular cytokine staining, real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reactions, and genetically modified animals. He is well-versed in the innate immune system and its role in autoimmune diseases, general veterinary pathology, and laboratory animal pathology.
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