Advisory Board

Yuri van Geest, MSc.

Yuri van Geest, MSc. is Alumnus at Singularity University Executive Program 2010 by NASA, Google, and Autodesk; Co-Organizer/Sponsor at TEDx Amsterdam (TEDxAMS); and Co-Founder / Sales at Mobile Monday Amsterdam. He is one of the Top 100 Marketeers in the Netherlands in 2008, 2009, and 2010 (May, Journal of Marketing/Tijdschrift voor Marketing).
Yuri is a passionate and creative strategist/entrepreneur with a focus on digital media, innovation, and marketing. Lover of, IFTF, GBN, Wired, Technology Review, and Long Now Foundation.
He is currently working for clients like Vodafone Global, Philips Global, Heineken, Google, Nokia Europe, and LBI Europe.
His key goals are:
Happiness for his daughter
Personal growth
Make the world a better place
Keep on innovating all his life
Love and inspiration are the central themes
Yuri studied Business Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands with a degree in Marketing & Strategy in 1997. His thesis was on interactive tv, mobile internet, and fixed internet.
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