Advisory Board

Victoria Jaguar

Victoria Jaguar has worked in the medical field since obtaining her EMT certification in 1996. Her extensive medical experience includes a variety of clinical work in addition to 10 years specialized work in organ and tissue donation.
Prior to coming to Los Angeles, she was the Manager of Tissue Recovery at New England Organ Bank. NEOB is the oldest and one of the busiest organ procurement organizations in the country. Similar companies often handle under 500 donors a year, while NEOB recovers nearly 2,000 organ and tissue donors annually. Other experience includes working at industry leaders such as LifeNet (Richmond/Virginia Beach, VA), Southwest Transplant Alliance (Dallas, TX), and Old Dominion Eye Bank (Richmond, VA).
She earned a BS in Chemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University, a Certificate in Supervisor Development from Northeastern University, and is CTBS certified through the AATB. She also spent three summers in the science program at the Duke University TIP Academy. She has been a moderator at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and is an active member of Toastmasters.
Victoria comes from a strong medical background in an industry that is not only highly regulated but also driven by innovation. She is always looking for ways to save more lives by increasing the number of viable organs and also opportunities to improve the quality of life by utilizing tissue in ways that have never before been imagined.
Saving and improving lives is a passion that is deeply ingrained in Victoria. In her experience, we remove the parts that are still good and we transplant them in place of aged, damaged, or diseased parts so that the patient can go back to living a full life doing the things that they enjoy. It is like many other disciplines in which we are using science and technology to improve humans. She supports transhumanism because she supports maximizing the mental and physical characteristics of humans to minimize diseases, degeneration, and death.
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