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Valkyrie Ice

Valkyrie Ice is a writer at H+ Magazine, Acceler8or, IEET, and
Valkyrie’s articles include Transgender and Transhuman — the alliance, the complaints and the future, Virtualization, The Rise of the Avatar & the Open Sim Project, Virtualization: From Avatar to the Mirrorworlds Part 2, Virtualization: From Virtual to Reality Part 3, Graphene is Next, Ten Thousand Waves of Change. Welcome to the Tweens, Graphene Advances Fast, Quantum Dots in the Future of VR, A New Twist in Nanofabrication Technology Meets the “Printing” Revolution, Fly Your POV Around with Your Own Personal Quadcopter, Total Gender Change within a Decade, Wikileaks & The War Between Secrecy and Transparency, Top Five Errors in Predicting the Future, Kinect: A Powerful Interface Between our World and the Virtual, An Interview with the Inventor of the Personal Assistant Lifeform, Adding Our Way to Abundance, I am not an “Optimist”, Watson’s Descendants Will Make You Obsolete, Dreams of a Succubus, A Peek into the Demoness’s Mind, (or: Yes, I Actually *Do* Use Logic to Make Predictions), Valkyrie Ice Review of Hank Hyena’s “Inventing Utopia” E-Book, Graphene Breakthrough: Things Are Only Going To Get Faster From Here, Building The True Decentralized Net, Is The Singularity Near Or Far? It’s A Software Problem, MondoNet Fights The Internet Power: an Interview with Aram Sinnreich, VR Integration Requires Total Transparency, Tools For Art Are Getting Smarter. So Come Out And Play, From “Dirty” To “Pristine” Uses Of Technology, Against “Consensus”, How Transparency Will End Tyranny, Graphene: And Here Comes “Film” Computing, My Father Didn’t Have To Die: Transgender Technophile Says Goodbye To Dad, The 3D Chips Are Down… Sort Of, Quadrotors Will Do Everything (Well, Almost), Welcome To The Mirror, Why Second Life Has Succeeded Beyond Anybody’s Wildest Expectations, Le Future According To Val, Part One: When Technologies Meet, Interact, and Things Go Boom, Le Future According To Val Part 2: Consequences, There Are Big Differences Between 3d Printing & VR, Upgrading The Human Machine, Kara & The Lesson Of Adam, “Welstone” Leads To Programmable Matter, Chrome Or Chromosome, Google Glasses Are Ugly But Important, Drone Delivery, The Not-So-Fine Line Between Privacy and Secrecy, The John Henry Fallacy, Another Leap Towards True VR, Batteries Not Included… Or Needed, Armor Cloth: “Utility Fog” Without The Need For Nano, Kudos To The DIY Drone Robot Capable Of Creating Wireless Mesh Network. Now, Try It With A Quadcopter, Transgender and Transhuman — the Alliance, the Complaints and the Future, Privacy and Secrecy are Not The Same Thing — My Refutation of Cryptography, The Radicalness Of 3D Printing, Future of Work: Custom Printed Bodies and the End of the 9-to-5 Job, Cellulose Nanocrystals: Imagine Skyscrapers Able To Shrug Off The Worst Earthquakes, Nanorelays: Moving Back To Move Forward, The RTU (Remote Telepresence Unit) Is Born, Requiem For Nanny, Not Sci Fi. Sci NOW!, Butterfly Dreams — Everything Connects, New Dimensions For Your Halloween Costume, Why Am I Here? Notes On Getting A Second Life, Encouraging Developments In Quadcopters (with Lots Of Video), I am a Succubus and a Neon Jackal — my avatars at Second Life, Virtual Reality today — not “Matrix level” but far more versatile and useful, and Freedom of Information Will Change the World.
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