Advisory Board

Tudor Boloni, MBA

Tudor Boloni, MBA is CEO at Medical Biostasis.
Within five years Medical Biostasis plans on demonstrating that a set of genomic pathway modulations, molecular additives, surgical protocols, and off-the-shelf medical equipment, are sufficient to successfully reanimate a human mind from a state of ageless biostasis. Such ambitious timescales would not be possible without the modern tools of genomic screens, carbon nanotechnology, and high-throughout molecule discovery systems, riding the converging waves of deep hypothermic surgical practices and 40 years of cryobiological research.
Prior to launching Medical Biostasis, Tudor divided his time between several life extension related projects. As the Director of Systems Biology for the genomics company Genescient (owners of the longest lived Drosophila colonies, selectively bred over 30 years for maximum lifespan extension, and currently averaging over 400% longer maximum lifetimes than wildtype controls), Tudor researched strategies to discover the most sensitive parameters in the genetic pathways that modulate the rate of aging.
As the former founder of a neural-prosthetics research firm, Tudor still pursues his passion in neuroscience with the study of normothermic brain perfusion systems and the search for the neural correlates of consciousness. He has also collaborated with the SENS Foundation to attempt to secure a sovereign partner to sponsor a Manhattan Project scaled regenerative medicine institute. He cofounded the investment bank BAC Romania, where he was responsible for organizing the EUR 5 billion technology offset program in the country’s fighter jet procurement program. He was formerly a 25% partner in Maple Bank’s USD 500 million hedge fund for mutual fund trading, and a former Senior Science Analyst for Cardinal Fund Management (NY).
Tudor earned his MBA in Finance, International Business at New York University — Leonard N. Stern School of Business in 1996. He earned his CEMS Master’s in Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1997.
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