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Tish Shute, M.Phil.

Tish Shute, M.Phil. is a digital strategist, entrepreneur, writer, cyborg anthropologist, and founder of Ugotrade — a leading blog focused on augmented reality, and the future of mobile social communications.
Tish is also the co-chair/cofounder of Augmented Reality Event — a landmark in an emerging industry.
She is cofounder of Notifide “putting people at the center of their mobile experience” — coming soon!
Tish is passionate about the potential of mobile social interaction and augmented realities to expand our potential to connect, guide, create and play. She adds, “I love being involved in influencing how a new industry will turn out!”
Her career in new media and technology began with work in motion control, robotics, and special effects for film, television, theme parks, and aerospace. She continues her interest in innovation and paradigm shifts as an entrepreneur, developer, and writer focused on the uncharted territory of UX design for our augmented mobile social futures.
Tish authored Interview with Vernor Vinge: Smart phones and Empowering Aspects of Social Networks & Augmented Reality Still Massively Underhyped, The Missing Manual for the Future: Tim O’Reilly’s Four Cylinder Innovation Engine, Dematerializing the World, Shadows, Subscriptions, and Things as Services: Talking With Mike Kuniavsky at ETech 2009, Towards a Newer Urbanism: Talking Cities, Networks, and Publics with Adam Greenfield, and Augmented Reality — Transitioning out of the old-fashioned “Legacy Internet”: Interview with Bruce Sterling.
Tish has a Ph.D (all but dissertation) in Anthropology, from the Program in Culture and Media, New York University where she pursued her interest in the uptake of new technology from a more academic POV.
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