Advisory Board

Dr. Tímea Polgár

Tímea Polgár, Ph.D., MSc is Founder and Head of R&D at Envision Biotechnology.
Envision Biotechnology is a herbal discovery platform designed to establish the safe and effective use of herbal medicine. They offer software and scientific services for pharmaceutical R&D to support idea generation of drug discovery based on natural sources.
Tímea has over 15 years of experience in strategic business development, research and development, biotechnology, and scientific software development. She was Cofounder and Head of R&D for IllumeSense and Consulting Director of Medicinal Chemistry at LuTran. Tímea served as Business Development Manager for AdWare Research, Hubscience, and Solvo Biotechnology.
Tímea’s scientific papers have been cited hundreds of times. While working for ChemAxon, she did several video presentations on topics like Tímea Polgár (ChemAxon): 3D visualization for medicinal chemists, Patent Space Exploration — Tímea Polgár (ChemAxon), and Features and applications for IP challenges — Tímea Polgár (ChemAxon).
Tímea earned her Ph.D. (Summa cum laude) in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. She earned a Master of Science in Chemistry and a Master of Science in Molecular biology and genetics from the University of Szeged.
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