Advisory Board

Steven Merrill

Steven Merrill is President & Founder of Sovereign Exchange International.
The Sovereign Exchange provides access to a rich new audience that bids with private tender anchored to Silver bullion. A “Sovereign” represents a gram of Silver, and is utilized by members to record and reconcile value. As a member you can engage with confidence knowing that every Sovereign issued is fully secured by Silver bullion, and that at any point, your positive trade balance can be used to claim investment-grade Silver or Gold bullion. Yes, you can now leverage your idle inventory or capacity and choose to Settle-for-Metal.
Steve’s first big exchange occurred in ‘87, when he swapped The Edmonton Journal a big idea for $200,000 worth of advertising. The Journal’s Family Ski Express was born in a barter deal, and then safely delivered some 30,000 skiers to Marmot Basin over the next 7 seasons. He carved a ton of turns back then. In ‘92 he met Whistler’s “Queen of Schwag” at a travel conference and then followed her back to the left coast. The turns were so much softer. VJ and Steve married in ‘94, had two kids in ‘95 (no not twins), left Vancouver in ‘06, and have called The Okanagan home ever since.
His commercial trade career began with a startup called Mutual Exchange Canada. He preached the merits of trade leverage to thousands of Vancouver business people without much thought for how “trade-dollars” were issued or to whom. MEC grew fast and unfortunately crashed even faster. But he was hooked. In 1997 he rang up ITEX and launched their first Canadian office. Industry legends Gerald Pitts and Mary Scherr were his mentors. The “Canadian” even managed a few awards at the conventions.
Steve’s ITEX franchise helped hundreds of BC business people trade what they had for what they required; awnings for eye surgery, eye surgery for printing, and printing for awnings. What fun! By 2003 it was time to plant a new flag, he called it The New Market Trade Network. Same clients, just a new brand of currency.
Sometime after 9/11 he began researching, recommending, and then writing about the precious metals. He fell in love with the silver story, and then traded his house for bullion! In 2010 he sold New Market and began writing a new business plan; how about a trading currency secured by Silver (insert lightning bolt here)? Of course, a trading platform where hard-money investors can connect and engage with open minded business people who can then Settle-for-Metal! In April 2012 The Sovereign Exchange issued its first “gram-denominated” account statements. Sound money lives!
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