Advisory Board

Dr. Stephanie R. Murphy

Stephanie R. Murphy, Ph.D. is a multipotentialite radio host, freelance voice artist, scientist, health & well being enthusiast, and lover of bitcoin. Stephanie hosts her own podcast called Porc Therapy, a show about personal freedom. She is also a host on Sunday nights of the nationally syndicated talk radio show Free Talk Live. She is cohost of Let’s Talk Bitcoin!. Stephanie is Director of Operations at Fr33 Aid, a bitcoin-based charity that provides volunteer first aid, education, and networking. In her spare time she is a graduate student in Biochemistry & Medicine.
Stephanie’s writing has appeared in numerous places, including Lew Rockwell, the Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund, the Free Grafton blog, which she cofounded, and others. She authored Eight Ethical Objections to an Organ Market… And Why They’re Wrong, A Dash of Tyranny, There’s a Bureaucrat in Your Trash, Donut Prohibition, In Defense of Regifting, My Favorite Commercial, In For a Dime, in For a Dollar, State-Sanctioned Murder, The Word Thieves, Don’t Lose Heart, and ‘Journalist’ on Federal Payroll.
Listen to Porc Therapy with Stephanie Murphy and Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radio and Interview with Stephanie Murphy from Porc Therapy. Read her LinkedIn profile.