Advisory Board

Dr. Simone Di Zio

Simone Di Zio, Ph.D. is Researcher in Social Statistics, Department of Legal and Social Sciences, d’Annunzio University, and Co-chair Italian Node of The Millennium Project.
Simone has a degree in Economics and a Ph.D. in Statistics and is a researcher at the d’Annunzio University, Chieti-Pescara, Italy. His research interests focus on Fractal Geometry, Spatial Statistics, GIS, Decision Support Systems and Multi-Criteria Analysis. He has been member of research teams of the EU funded projects ESPON and SELMA.
He has invented the Spatial Delphi and the Spatial Shang methods and, in cooperation with Ted Gordon, is developing the Real Time Geo-Delphi. He teaches Statistics for crime at University d’Annunzio.
Simone’s papers include Simulation of urban development in the City of Rome: Framework, methodology, and problem solving, Optimal spatial sampling schemes for environmental surveys, Opinion convergence in location: A spatial version of the Delphi method, and The Italian way to deconcentration. Rome: The appeal of the historic centre. Chieti-Pescara: The strength of the periphery.
Watch Parco e territorio, la strada dello sviluppo: convegno/dibattito. Intervento Dott. Simone Di Zio (Italian).