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Sergio Ruiz

Sergio Ruiz is Cofounder and COO of Turn Biotechnologies and the Cofounder and managing director of the Methuselah Fund. He is fighting age-related diseases with epigenetic reprogramming breakthrough science, as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor and has advised in the development of several mission-aligned biotechnologies, helping them to evolve from academic investigations to commercial enterprises.

The Methuselah Fund, one of the first longevity-focused investor groups, is designed to accelerate results in the longevity field, extending the healthy human lifespan. They stem from The Methuselah Foundation, which has been working hard during the last 16 years to extend the healthy human lifespan.

In his work with the foundation, he helped to establish Turn Biotechnologies, a biotech company focusing on epigenetic resetting of the age of a cell. Turn Biotechnologies develops mRNA medicines that induce the body to heal itself by instructing specific cells to fight disease or repair damaged tissue. They are focused on reprogramming the epigenome — a network of chemical compounds and proteins that control cell functions by influencing which genes are active — to restore capabilities that are often lost with age.

Sergio has been a Member of the Board of Directors at Leucadia Therapeutics since 2017. He brings an economist’s focus to the work, looking for opportunities to leverage investments into breakthrough scientific achievements. Leucadia Therapeutics is a preclinical-stage biotech company that is working to erase Alzheimer’s disease. They have a novel approach based on restoring the function of a structure in the brain called the cribriform plate.

Sergio is helping with the incubation and formation of young academic teams and developing them into successful industry leaders. He currently holds several senior advisory roles for longevity biotechs, including at Oisin Biotechnologies, Everest Health, and ND-DESIGN.WORKS.

He is Senior Advisor and Investor at Oisin Biotechnologies since 2016 where their ground-breaking research and technology is demonstrating that the solution to mitigating the effects of age-related diseases is to address the damage created by the aging process itself.

Sergio earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Economics, Spanish Language, and Literature from the University of Maryland in 2009. He earned his certificate in Genetics and Genomics in 2019 from Stanford University. Sergio also did the Singularity University Exponential Foundation Series in 2017.

Sergio was Senior Advisor at Volumetric, where he led the deal for the Methuselah Fund and Foundation and provided the founding capital. Read Volumetric to Be Acquired by 3D Systems to Advance Tissue and Organ Manufacturing.

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