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Scott Reif

The article The Future of Advanced Transportation said

Improvements in road transportation technologies will transform the way we relate to the world, unifying the global population and improving the safety and efficiency of travel.
“Specifically, vehicles will have access to fast-moving information channels, creating a variety of new vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to infrastructure applications,” says Scott Reif, author of the report. “These advances, coupled primarily with innovations in computing power and sensor technology, will herald the advent of intelligent traffic-management systems, allowing for rapid improvements in safety, energy efficiency, navigation, and rate of speed.”
Anonymity and personal data security are bound to become issues of great debate as communication devices continue to be integrated into vehicles and transportation infrastructure. “The safety and security of commerce and communication along mobile data channels will be some of the primary metrics of success for many of these new technologies,” Reif says, adding that the anonymity of vehicle transit data will be a significant factor in determining the success of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) among consumers.

Scott Reif is a futurist and contributing writer for Social Technologies’ Technology Foresight and Global Lifestyles multiclient projects. He also serves as a project manager, administering and writing for custom client projects.
His domains of expertise include social foresight and epistemological futures, with a special focus on the emerging fields of complexity studies and integral theory. Currently a graduate student in the MS program for Studies of the Future at the University of Houston, he is in the process of completing his thesis work on the study of behavior under conditions of uncertainty.
As part of his training Scott has worked on a variety of analytical projects, for patrons including the National Academy of Sciences, the Houston Independent School District, and the journal Foresight.
Scott earned a BA in philosophy from Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland.
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