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Sara King

Sara King is the award-winning author of several bestselling science fiction and fantasy series, including The Legend of Zero, Guardians of the First Realm, and Millennium Potion.
Sara is a 2008 graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop. She was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, in 1982, at 40 degrees below zero. Since then, living with the snow, hail, freezing rain, fog, floods, black ice, and Chinooks of her home state hasn’t seemed too bad. She was four when she discovered writing for the first time. Since then, her world’s never been the same. She dabbled with short stories and simple scenes in elementary school, but then went on to complete her first full-length manuscript when she was twelve. In high school, she missed a full third of her senior year because she stayed home to write.
She lives in the Alaskan Bush, with her grandparents. She is an active, down-to-earth gal who doesn’t mind getting a little dirty to have fun. When she’s not hacking away at the keyboard, she likes to fish, canoe, climb mountains, work the fishwheel, take pictures, garden, study languages, and sleep.
Sara’s first three full-length manuscripts were epic fantasy. Her tastes in writing began to change while writing Lord of the Hunt, which ate up two and a half years of writing time without producing a coherent result. Putting Lord of the Hunt aside was one of the best decisions she’s ever made. Though the final result was not salable, the two and a half years were a tremendous learning experience on what NOT to do while editing a manuscript.
Once she finally decided to put it down and try something else, she wrote a science fiction short story called TimeSavr that she liked, so she decided to try a little sci-fi. After hashing out a tentative plot with her brain trust in Alaska (Chancey, Logan, and Kyle), she began work on Gamers. Two months later, she wrote the rough draft of The Millennium Potion. From there, her writing has naturally veered into Sci-Fi. After Earth, the Congie, Forgotten, and The Team are all science fiction manuscripts produced after that tentative jump from her childhood passion of fantasy. Aside from science fiction and fantasy, Sara has dabbled in horror — and discovered she’s pretty good. After finishing the After Earth science fiction series, Sara plans on writing a couple horror manuscripts set in rural Alaska.
Her books include The Legend of Zero: Forging Zero, The Legend of Zero: Zero Recall, The Legend of Zero: Zero’s Return, Fortune’s Rising: Outer Bounds One, Alaskan Fire (Guardians of the First Realm Book 1), Alaskan Fury (Guardians of the First Realm Book 2), The Legend of Zero: Moldy Dead, Wings of Retribution (Millennium Potion Book 1), To the Princess Bound (Terms of Mercy series Book 1), and World Glimpses: Parasite (Parasite Publications Short Stories Book 1).
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