Advisory Board

Samuel H. Kenyon

Samuel H. Kenyon is Lead Software Engineer at iRobot.
Sam is an AI researcher, an atheist, a technoprogressive transhumanist, and occasionally an artist. Professionally, his goal is to develop practical human-robot interaction and mobile robots with more autonomy in a safe and ethical manner. His research goals include creating cognitive architectures (especially involving emotions, learning, common sense, and collaboration) and investigating interfaces.
He authored Five Ways Machines Could Fix Themselves, Softer, Better, Faster, Stronger: The Coming of Soft Cybernetics, Why You Should Care About (Post)Human Factors, Would You Still Love Me If I Was A Robot?, Neo-Emotions, Agent Collaboration Using Anigrafs, The Mind is Not an Etch-A-Sketch: Learning with Society-of-Mind Structures, Transplanting Commonsense Structures, Injured Critics, Biomimetic Emotional Learning Agents, and Inherence and Nonsubstantial Particulars: An Object-Oriented View, and coauthored ORCA-VIII: An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, A small, cheap, and portable reconnaissance robot, and A Script System and Path Editor for Autonomous Mobile Robots. Read the full list of his publications!
Sam earned his B.S. in Computer Engineering from Northeastern University and was a member of the The Mars Homestead Project. He is currently a member of IEEE, AAAI, AUVSI, SPIE, and WTA.
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