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Roo Reynolds

The BBC report The ever-expanding metaverse said

“Metaverse Evangelist” is not a title you expect to see on a business card, let alone one from an employee of a century-old technology company.
But then Roo Reynolds of IBM is not a normal employee.
Living a double life, one as a twenty-something software engineer and the other as an online four-foot alien, Mr Reynolds flits between dusty wood-panelled meeting rooms and anything-goes virtual worlds like Second Life and Entropia Universe.

Roo Reynolds is a Metaverse Evangelist based at IBM’s Hursley Park laboratory in the UK. He is part of a team which facilitates the use of Virtual Worlds within IBM. All of this work is made all the more enjoyable thanks to a large world-wide community who are learning to collaborate and get things done in totally new ways.
He was previously an Emerging Technologies Specialist in which his role included attempting to keep on the early-adopter curve. While acknowledging there are not enough hours in the day to claim to be an expert in everything, Roo still reads and writes far too many blogs and tries to keep his eyes open.
He enjoys exploring and building in the metaverse that is Second Life where he is Algernon Spackler, uploading his photos to Flickr, keeping his bookmarks on, updating his playlist on tracking his location on Plazes and what he is doing on Twitter, as well as indulging in any number of other bleeding-edge alpha geek social software type activities.
Roo is married to an artist, who tries her hardest to keep him balanced. As well as writing a blog, he also contributes to Eightbar, the loose collaboration of Hursley geeks. You can find out more about him, and see which contacts you have in common, at LinkedIn.
He earned a BSc with 1st class honors in Computer Science at the University of Portsmouth in 2000. Watch his speech at the Eduserv Foundation Symposium 2007 (78 meg mp4 file).