Advisory Board

Roger F. Gay, BSEE, MSBE

Roger F. Gay, BSEE, MSBE enjoys being on the “cutting edge” with one foot in visionary applied research and the other in practical development, especially when entrepreneuring is involved. He currently operates the High Level Logic (HLL) project, leveraging today’s software technology to create a new structure for intelligent distributed systems with “high level logic” elements. The HLL project combines practical application design experience with objective thinking about how the structure and commonly supported logic of software technology needs to evolve.
HLL is an outgrowth of problem identification in commercialization of artificial intelligence technology that evolved into a clear vision far into the future of computing. Twenty-five years after first conception, a prototype was funded as part of an advanced intelligent robotics research project. The idea progressed as technology advanced around it, from the realm of advanced research to proof of concept and applied research. Completion of the initial product that grew from a quarter century old idea can now be characterized as an engineering project. The current effort is aimed at building a framework to support a broad range of new “killer apps” while more powerful generations of the framework have already been envisioned.
His 30 year career has so far spanned mathematical modeling of biological systems, research, software engineering and product development, marketing and sales, project management, policy analysis, and business. His early military training and experience was in the field of psychological social work. His first business was in home and light-commercial construction. Later efforts encompassed software engineering, artificial intelligence, and robotics. In his spare time, he has applied his knowledge of science and his analytical skills in investigative journalism with special focus on separating fact from fiction in relation to contentious political change.
Roger authored The Ghosts in My Machine: Chapter 1, The High Level Logic Blog, Websocket Server Demonstration, The High Level Logic Blog, Rethinking Software Reuse in the 21st Century, Brainstorm Responds to Robot Ethics Challenge, On Robot Development, Introduction to the Income-Shares Child Support Guideline, Are Americans Paying Taxes to Organized Crime Syndicates?, and Global Warming Debate Lost Under an Avalanche of Corruption, political blog.
Roger earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at Purdue University in 1980. He earned his Master of Science in BioEngineering with specialization in mathematical modeling at Texas A&M University in 1983.
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