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Robert J. Crowley

The Chicago Tribune article Slapping on a coat of silence said

The intrusion of cellular phone rings into theaters, schools and nearly every other nook and cranny of modern life may soon hit a wall.
Playing to the backlash against ubiquitous communication, a company called NaturalNano is developing a special high-tech paint that relies on the wizardry of nanotechnology to create a system that locks out unwanted cell phone signals on demand…
Robert Crowley of AMBIT Corp., which designed the radio filtering device for NaturalNano, said the system is legal. The nanotech-augmented paint that blocks signals is a passive device, not an illegal radio jammer, he said.
The radio filter would allow all emergency radio communications to pass through the shield, Crowley said. With all other signals, like cell phones, the filter would act like a spigot to block or allow them to pass through — say, only during intermission.

Robert J. Crowley is head of Soundwave Research which has developed ways to see tiny structures within the human body and is President and Co-founder of AMBIT Corporation which develops new technologies in areas where rapid, highly proprietary innovation is taking place.
Under his direction, AMBIT Corporation has developed technology portfolios in the areas of cellular telephone antennas and hands-free systems, high-speed local area network ports, human-machine input devices such as touch sensors and cursor control systems, and nanoscale electronic structures employing carbon nanotubes as electrical circuit elements.
Bob has served in many new technology development positions, most recently as Director of Imaging Product Development at Boston Scientific Corporation. His duties included directing the Imaging and Sensing Laboratory which developed disease detection and therapy guidance systems. His group was largely responsible for the initial technical development of a new heart imaging modality — IntraVascular UltraSound (IVUS) — which is now standard in hospital environments and is used to quickly visualize heart blockages.
He has generated over 100 U.S. and foreign patents and applications in the fields of antenna systems, cellular telephony equipment, carbon nanostructures and processes, portable keyboarding systems, human force sensors, medical ultrasound imaging, drug release therapies, lightwave-based cancer detection systems, optical coherence tomography devices, and coronary catheters and guidewires.
Bob received a BA degree from Framingham State Teacher’s College in Massachusetts, where he studied to be a teacher, an artist and a writer. He is the author of a number of publications and invited book chapters describing his work in medical imaging, and he continues to be an invited guest speaker on topics involving new ways to see within the human body.
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