Advisory Board

Reese Jones

Reese Jones has 25 years in innovation, entrepreneurship, and patents. As a venture strategist, he has engaged in a dozen company’s innovation, start up, financing, development, IPO, and acquisitions including Netopia, Farallon, Convergence, C-Core, Mediabolic, SpeakSoft, Roc2Loc; also Venture Partnerships including Accel, August, Telesoft, Current Group LLP, Definitive Partners, and others.
Reese current positions include: Board at SpeakSoft (411 Voice Services); Board at liveBooks (Photographers); Board at Roc2Loc (Sensor Networks); Strategist at Current Group (Smart Grid); Storyteller at Definitive Stories (Media); and Board at Chabot Space & Science Center. His past positions include: Founder, Chairman, CEO at Netopia; Chairman at Mediabolic (CE middleware); Chairman at CABLE; and CEO 10 years at Farallon PhoneNET & Media.
Interested in human/Internet interfaces and evolution, from synthetic biology to biomedical to astrobiology and theoretical biologies, Reese is working on a personal project regarding long-range evolutionary forecasts for life forms on this planet.
While a grad student at UC Berkeley in 1984, he started and ran BMUG, a nonprofit computer group, which became the largest computer user group of its kind. He has long been involved in user-oriented telephone / 2600 / homebrew technology experimentation and public education.
He holds a BA in Biophysics from the University of California, Berkeley, and spent five years toward a Ph.D. in Biophysics, researching biomedical imaging of the brain chemistry defects in schizophrenia. He holds several communications patents related to telephone / computer integration, voice / data / entertainment/ broadband / networking / communications, and smartphone applications.
His patents include Local area network connecting computer products via long telephone lines, System for connecting computers via telephone lines, Distributed subsystem sparing, Telephone controlled entertainment, and Method and system for increasing concurrency during staging and destaging in a log structured array.
Reese is a Lester Fellow in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, and is currently active in CITRIS, QB3, BWRC, and other interdisciplinary departments at Berkeley, LBL, and USCF.
He supports public education via the Singularity University, Wikipedia, the Chabot Space Science Center, and UC Berkeley. Read his LinkedIn profile. Read his blog and his Twitter feed.
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