Advisory Board

Rebecca G. Turner

Rebecca G. Turner was trained since her very early youth to learn lipreading, deciphering sounds, proper speech pronunciations, and to properly maintain her hearing equipment. Growing up, she was no stranger to discrimination and is a strong advocate for the disabled, human rights, and advancement of science and technology for those who need it most instead of it being used to harm others.
She grew up in mainstream schools and took a few years of college courses. It is during her hardship during her college years as a single mother that she became a believer for free education because she considers that society and the world would benefit and be healthier for it. Her career has ranged from well-round office assistant and seamstress for interior designers to thoroughbred racehorse caretaker and farm property manager assistant. She is a part-time entrepreneur and autodidact.
Rebecca can speak English so well that people sometimes forget she is hearing disabled — thanks to the training and dedicated staffs in deaf/hearing impaired programs at the University of Tennessee who helped her.
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