Advisory Board

Ratnesh Dwivedi, M.A.

Ratnesh Dwivedi, M.A. is a seasoned Academician, Author, Journalist, NASA Certified Educator, and Board Member with 15 plus years in teaching and corporate management. He has seen the changing face of global politics and has written intensively on International Affairs .

He serves on the boards of two dozen global firms ranging from Mining, Oil & Gas, Energy, Security, Intelligence, Defence, Academic, and Banking and Finance.

He holds membership with global organizations such as ECREA, Brussels; Mission Essential, Virginia; Global Ethics Network, Washington; American Astronomical Society, Washington; Internet Society, Virginia; CSISPONI, Washington; RTDNA, Washington; NSTA, Virginia; EIN News Desk, Washington DC; Bush Center, Texas; and Foreign Correspondent Club, Delhi.

Ratnesh earned his Master’s of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication in 1999. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Broadcast Journalism since 2012. The topic of the Ph.D. is “International Terrorism and Electronic Media: Operation and Regulation of Television Channels During Coverage of 9/11 and 26/11” at the Amity University in India, where he also works as assistant professor and program coordinator.

He has authored ten books. The Story of an Intern is a Reportage, The Cosmic Mask is a Space Fiction. Third and fourth are awarded academic books. His fifth book, US Intelligence and Cost of War is about the USA operations in the Middle East. His sixth book NASA — The Story of Manned and Unmanned Missions is on NASA missions. And recently published is his four volume book series Digital Security in Corporate World.

Ratnesh has attended NASA workshops and was awarded multiple certifications from NASA. He has set up Radio and TV Stations in India. He is a widely published Author in the field of Media and Communications with 34 publications and presentations across globe with more than 20,000 downloads.

He works in India as Director for Transnational Marketing and also as Professor for the Global Institute for IT Management. He is Country Director and Professor with ESJ-Paris, the world’s first Journalism school set up in 1899. Ratnesh serves as Country Head with AEJ, New Jersey, and as Partner & Director with Pro Energy Trade, Chicago. He is Founding Board Member of AusiHem, Australia. He is Bureau Chief, Asia with the World News Tomorrow Corporation and India Correspondent with Tuck Magazine based in London. He is Institutional Representative with SECINDEF, Israel, an Intelligence agency and is on the Board of several other International firms.

Visit his LinkedIn account. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Read his selected works at BePress and his blog at The Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC). View his profile and book selection on Amazon.