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Professor Ramesh Jain

Ramesh Jain, Ph.D., FACM, FIEEE, FIAPR, FAAAI, FSPIE is Donald Bren Professor in Information & Computer Sciences, Department of Computer Science, Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences University of California, Irvine.
Ramesh has been an active researcher in multimedia information systems, image databases, machine vision, and intelligent systems. While professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and the University of California, San Diego, he founded and directed artificial intelligence and visual computing labs. He was also the founding Editor-in-Chief of IEEE MultiMedia magazine and Machine Vision and Applications journal and serves on the editorial boards of several magazines in multimedia, business and image and vision processing. He has coauthored more than 250 research papers in well-respected journals and conference proceedings. Among his coauthored and coedited books include Machine Vision, a textbook used at several universities. He has been elected Fellow of ACM, IEEE, IAPR, AAAI, and SPIE.
He cofounded three companies (Imageware, Virage, and Praja), managed them in initial stages, and then turned them over to professional management. He enjoys working with companies, is involved in research, and enjoys writing. His current research is in experiential computing and its applications.
Ramesh coedited Visual Database Systems 3: Visual Information Management, Motion-Based Recognition, Image Databases & Multi-Media Search, and Storage and Retrieval for Image and Video Databases VI: 28–30 January 1998 San Jose, California.
He coauthored Content-Based Image Retrieval at the End of the Early Years, Visual Information Retrieval, Content-Based Multimedia Information Retrieval: State of the Art and Challenges, Production Model Based Digital Video Segmentation, A survey on the use of pattern recognition methods for abstraction, indexing and retrieval of images and video, Similarity Indexing: Algorithms and Performance, Illumination Independent Change Detection for Real World Image Sequences, Semantic Queries with Pictures: The VIMSYS Model, and Experiential Computing. Read the full list of his publications!
His patents include Machine dynamic selection of one video camera/image of a scene from multiple video cameras/images of the scene in accordance with a particular perspective on the scene, an object in the scene, or an event in the scene, Visual navigation in perceptual databases, Visual dictionary, Similarity engine for content-based retrieval of images, Query optimization for visual information retrieval system, Threshold-based comparison, Multi-perspective viewer for content-based interactivity, and Video cataloger system with synchronized encoders.
Ramesh earned his B.A. in electrical engineering from Nagpur University in 1969 and his Ph.D. in electronics and communications engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology in 1975. Read The Gartner Fellows: Ramesh Jain’s Interview and Refining the Search Engine. Ramesh shares his research and technical ideas as well as ideas on selected topics in his blog. Follow his Twitter feed and visit his Facebook page, his Flickr photostream, and his LinkedIn page.