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Pranav Mistry, B.E., M.Des.
Pranav Mistry poses with his hi-tech RFID-equipped sticky note.
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Pranav Mistry, B.E., M.Des.

The Mumbai News article Sticky Notes Go Digital said

Imagine you scribbled a sticky note about an upcoming doctor? appointment. You place the note on your home desktop computer, only to forget about the appointment.
But guess what? The note reminds you about your appointment via a friendly text message on your mobile phone.
Indeed, such technology will soon be possible, thanks to Pranav Mistry, an alumnus of IIT-Bombay.

Pranav Mistry, B.E., M.Des. is Research Assistant at Ambient Intelligence, MIT Media Laboratory and Teaching Assistant at Media, Arts, and Sciences, MIT. His research interests are: Intelligent interactive systems and environments, Ubiquitous Computing, Interaction Design, Social Computing, Robotics, Collective Intelligence, and Object Amelioration.
Pranav authored Ghost in the Machine — Making Creative Machines and Leonardo of the 21st century, and coauthored Intelligent Sticky Notes that can be Searched, Located and can Send Reminders and Messages, TaPuMa: Tangible Public Map for Information Acquirement through the Things We Carry, Functional metaphoric approach to be “in the flow” with computer interfaces, and Technology to the masses, but in a meaningful manner.
His patents include Digital user interface for inputting Indic scripts, Radio frequency control of computing system, Start menu display model, Multi-mode multimedia device and computing system, Task-oriented start menu, Hardware control initiated task switching, and Single hardware control initiated switching between application and utilities. Read the full list of his patents.
His projects include:

  • TaPuMa: a digital, tangible public map that allows people to use their own objects to display pertinent information on the map.
  • invent – design of a programming language for children
  • DATAG2.02 – An intuitive interaction. In this project, the The user will use a specialized glove-like gadget to interact with objects to perform the desired actions in the virtual world.
  • MARBO – Share your marbles. His research project with Microsoft Research is the concept of a communication device for children — helping them share their feelings, events, and learning with fun.
Pranav earned his Bachelor of Computer Science at Gujarat University, India in 2003. He earned his Master of Design at IDC, IIT Bombay, India in 2005. And is currently earning his Master of Science in Media, Arts, and Sciences (MAS) at the MIT Media Lab, USA.