Advisory Board

Philip Raymond, MEng

Philip Raymond, MEng is Founding Partner / CEO at Vanquish Labs, the Massachusetts based, Internet security vendor. He is also partner & co-chair of CRYPSA (Cryptocurrency Standards Association).
Phil was founder & Chairman of IMCO Electronics (originally Architectural Communications Inc), a LAN manufacturer and a preferred network solution for industrial, HVAC, building & environmental controls. He founded Peripheral Vision (later, International Bureau of Software Test, Inc), the market leader in software testing, with contracts from IBM, AT&T, and Xerox. IBST was acquired by Prentice Hall/Gulf & Western. He is a founding general partner in ISP Financial LLC and the RFDLP Fund in Chicago. He is a writer for the Sophos security newsletter “Naked Security”. He serves on the Advisory Board of Heliotronics, Inc, manufacturer of grid-connected power inverters.
He has been the subject of feature stories in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, National Public Radio, Boston Business Journal, Network World, PC Magazine, PC Week, and Wired News. He is a frequent feature of syndicated radio shows.
Phil earned his Master of Engineering (MEng) in Electrical Engineering at Cornell University in 1980.
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