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Petr Sramek, MBA

Petr Sramek, MBA is Cofounder, Chairman, and Managing Partner at Longevity Tech Fund where they are investing globally in technologies extending healthy lifespans with a hands-on approach to pre-seed and seed startups.

Petr has been a serial entrepreneur for more than 33 years who believes that science and technology can help humanity reach a new, better level of being. His primary focus is on health and he is building science, funding, and business infrastructure to support faster adoption of healthspan improving technologies.

As the CEO of Whytics, Petr is engaged in finding solutions to major problems using brain-inspired AI and the latest advances in counterfactual learning, causal inference, and the emergence and he is also working as Strategic Advisor at AGI research company GoodAI.

In 2021, Petr became CEO of where they work towards radical extension of healthy and active life. In 2020, he founded and is the Executive Chairman of where they curate personalized health strategies and help guide and serve each individual on their longevity journey. He is also Executive Chairman at since 2021.

In 2020, Petr cofounded LongevityForum.EU, an interdisciplinary platform of people and organizations with the common goal of informing, coordinating, and supporting activities leading toward prolonging the healthy and active part of life.

Petr is a former Entrepreneur in Residence at Singularity University and is currently Board Member at Animal Biosciences (US), where they develop interventions to increase longevity and healthspan that target aging itself, instead of the specific diseases of aging in pets.

Previously, between 2018 and 2021, Petr was WBAF High Commissioner and Senator for the Czech Republic. The World Business Angels Investment Forum is committed to collaborating globally to empower the economic development of the world by fostering innovative financial instruments for SMEs, innovators, and startups.

He is Board Member at Celeris Therapeutics, a deep-learning company that uses innovative, computer-based methods to degrade undruggable targets. He is also a board member at AgeCurve (UK), iamYiam (UK), and LightED Play.

Petr helps innovative teams in Artificial Intelligence and Longevity technology grow into confident companies with global ambitions. He provides advice on fundraising, strategy, and product management. He advises companies as a mentor at Foresight Institute and On Deck Longevity Biotech.

In the early 90’s, Petr was CEO at AGC, his first tech startup, and helped them to grow to 25 employees within one year. In 1992 and for the next 10 years, Petr was Founder and CEO of Expert & Partner engineering. He managed IT firm growth from 3 to 240 employees in the area of System Integration and IT technology.

Petr earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Engineering from Czech Technical University in Prague in 1990. In 1998, he earned his MBA in Management from Manchester University, and in 2005, he graduated in Economics, International Relations, Political Science, Law, and Communication and Public Presentation from Cevro Institute in Prague.

In 2004, he founded and was CEO of BenchCom Group for 13 years, when in 2017 he Founded AI Startup Incubator. AISI is the only exclusively AI-focused Startup Incubator in Europe. Among others, he was CEO at, an intelligent document processor using Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing.

Petr has become a sought-after speaker at professional conferences thanks to his talent for explaining scientific and technology topics clearly and engagingly to any audience. He provides commentaries on longevity and artificial intelligence topics for Czech TV, Czech Radio, professional healthcare and ICT journals, Forbes Next, and other media outlets. He is also a Medtech Visionaries Awards Judge.

Petr is a founder of the AI Awards project in cooperation with Economia — a leading business media publishing house and has been featured in the group of 28 AI leaders in the flagship World Intellectual Property Organization study next to Nick Bostrom, Frank Chen, Martin Ford, Kai-Fu Lee, Andrew Ng, Ben Lorica, and others.

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