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Peter Rothman, M.S.

Peter Rothman, M.S. is Editor of H+ Magazine where he is looking for great articles about the future of technology, humanity, the mind, society, and human culture.
Peter is an engineering and management professional with deep experience in the design, development, and launch, of commercial software products, internet services, and other mission critical systems. He is currently doing research into analysis and visualization of text for a consumer facing application.
He was previously chief scientist of a biometrics based fraud prevention company. He led the development of, one of the largest providers of streaming audio on the Internet. He operated product development and engineering team for the global multi-million dollar public software company MetaTools/MetaCreations. He founded and operated a startup software company, raised capital, and negotiated eventual sale of company. He has designed and implemented cutting edge software, algorithms, and technologies.
Peter’s specialities include biometrics, mathematics, streaming media, virtual reality, simulation, text analysis, data visualization, and artificial intelligence.
He authored Friday Brain Food: Steve Omohundro on Self Improving Artificial Intelligence, The Future of Work — The Past and Future of the Desk, Friday Brain Food: Claude Shannon — Father of the Information Age, The Future of Work — Everyone is a Performance Artist, a brief Interview with Natasha Tsakos, Politics and Transhumanism — Interview with Italian Transhumanist MP Giuseppe Vatinno, Friday Brain Food: Internet Rising, and How to Escape the Matrix.
Peter earned his B.A. in Mathematics at University of California, Santa Cruz in 1983. He earned his M.S. in Computer Engineering at University of Southern California in 1989.
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