Advisory Board

Peter J. Sweeney

Peter J. Sweeney is Founder and Co-President of Primal Fusion. Primal has developed a semantic synthesis technology that solves core scalability and personalization issues in knowledge representation for the consumer Internet.
A serial entrepreneur, Pete has extensive experience creating and growing Web-based companies. He’s passionate and focused on disruptive innovations that provide new mass-market opportunities. And as Primal’s Co-President, he’s the go-to guy for R&D, product development and market strategy.
Pete believes “thought networking” will emerge as an essential part of our digital lives, with personal digital assistants capturing people’s thinking — enabling computers to understand and act upon their thoughts.
He has several patents and patents pending covering foundational technologies and applications within knowledge representation, with his work in facet analysis, semantic synthesis and adaptive classification systems underlying Primal Fusion’s technology platform.
Before starting Primal, Pete was Co-Founder, CEO, and later CTO of Indimensions Entertainment Group (now The Official Community Corporation), a global network of online communities for major recording artists.
He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto.
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