Advisory Board

Dr. Pedro A. Ortega

Pedro A. Ortega, Ph.D. is Research Associate at the Max-Planck Institute for Cybernetic Systems in Tübingen, Germany.
Pedro’s main interests are the mathematical foundations of Cybernetics. Other interests are: information theory, learning, causality, complexity theory, and physics.
He is currently working on a Theory of Autonomous Agents together with Daniel A. Braun. He is especially interested in two problems: resource-bounded adaptive control and structural learning (i.e. abstraction).
Pedro authored Logic, Reasoning under Uncertainty and Causality, coauthored Information, Utility & Bounded Rationality, Reinforcement Learning and the Bayesian Control Rule, An Axiomatic Formalization of Bounded Rationality Based on an Utility-Information Equivalence, A Bayesian Rule for Adaptive Control based on Causal Interventions, A Minimum Relative Entropy Principle for Learning and Acting, A Medical Claim Fraud/Abuse Detection System based on Data Mining: A Case Study in Chile, and Nash Equilibria in Multi-Agent Motor Interactions. Read the full list of his publications!
Pedro earned his B.Sc. in Computer Engineering at School of Engineering, Universidad de Chile in 2005. He earned his Ph.D. in Engineering at University of Cambridge, United Kingdom in 2011 with the thesis A Unified Framework for Resource-Bounded Autonomous Agents Interacting with Unknown Environments.
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