Advisory Board

Paul Peters

Paul Peters is Principal at Fluxology, Interim Chief, and Creator.
He is author of Quantifiable Ethics in Retail — Can You Change the World through Effective Altruistic Shopping? and Towards the Service Oriented Enterprise, Next Generation Anger Management, Economics of Abundance, Healthcare a Go Go, A Crime Without Criminals, Humanitarian Aid for Human Resource Management, The End Of Competition, 21st Century Dating Tips for Inventors and Investors, Matter Doesn’t Matter, Zen and the Art of Artistry, A Tale of Obsolescence and Exclusivity, and The Paradox of Artificial Life. Read the full list of his articles!
Set to spend the next decades as a collaborative serial entrepreneur, Paul has been working across most of Europe for more than a decade, involved with more than sixty projects in some twenty countries. He is focused on design, delivery, and governance. He provides strategic, tactical, and operational consulting in the areas of integration- and collaboration-based enterprise architectural solutions.
He has more than twenty years overall working experience of which some fifteen years are in ICT with a mixed background including finance, management. and business analysis.
At home on the work floor and in the boardroom, Paul is used to working across different organizational pillars. Ranging from emergency troubleshooting to lead architect and program management, such jobs have been challenging, demanding, and rewarding. Likewise, his experience of industry verticals has been extensive and includes the financial sector, retail, telco, healthcare, automotive, utilities, manufacturing, and trade fairs.
Since late 2009, Paul’s activities have shifted towards both strategic advisory services as well as early-stage entrepreneurship. Combining interdisciplinary approaches of knowledge management, groupware and artificial life, the current collection of business designs gravitates towards learning assemblages. The aim for the advisory work is to gradually shift towards “resellable formats”, marketable business plans where the valuable concepts are protected via trade-secret, along with a potential “invent on demand” component.
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