Advisory Board

Pantelis Roussakis

Pantelis Roussakis is Digital Strategist at™ and Multimedia Tutor & IT Coordinator at NSW Dept of Education & Communities.
Pantelis is an Australian web and digital marketing specialist, social media speaker, and corporate trainer. He is Online and a Mac user since 1992. After a 20 year career in the Sydney advertising, Indy film, and TV niches, Pantelis embraced the challenges of being a single father and “tree-changer” in 1997. Since then he has used his marketing powers for good, assisting and educating Government, small business, nonprofits and various community groups. He founded in 2009 and is Vice President of Bitcoin Australia.
Pantelis was previously Company Secretary at Homeland Community Ltd; Network Coordinator at MTV Australia; CEO and Executive Producer at Cinema Entertainment Ltd; Multimedia Teacher at Chrysalis Steiner School Thora; National Network Controller at Australian Broadcasting Corporation; Motion Capture Animator and Consultant at Cycho; Producer, Production Manager, Account Executive at Happy Endings Advertising; Telecine/Videotape Operator at Channel 9 Brisbane; QLD Coordinator at Australian Film Institute (AFI) | Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA); Telecine/Videotape Operator at Channel 7 Brisbane; and President at Brisbane Independent Filmmakers.
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