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Dr. Ojochogwu S. Abdul

Ojochogwu S. Abdul, Ph.D. is a Philosopher and Founder of Transhumanist Africa and Co-Founder of the Enlightenment Transhumanist Forum of Nigeria (ETFN).

Currently, since 2018, Ojochogwu lectures in Philosophy at Kogi State University, Anyigba, Kogi State, the state-owned University of Kogi, Nigeria, where he works in several areas including epistemology, philosophy of science and technology, philosophy of social science, theories of globalization, contemporary philosophy, and philosophy of development. He is also a supporter of the international call to take philosophy down to pre-tertiary (primary and secondary school) levels, and have philosophy taught to children and teens as an academic discipline helpful in sharpening their curiosity and building their mental and critical thinking skills from an early enough stage.

As a Scholar and Philosopher-Transhumanist-Entrepreneur, Ojochogwu is a thinker in Human Enhancement, Transhumanist Values, 4IR, and African Enlightenment, alongside the effective translation of these movements into intellectual systems and brands for African development, the enrichment of life, idea-entrepreneurship, and the global, common good. He has initiated and supported projects for the growth of a new, thinking youth generation in Africa, starting from his home country Nigeria.

As part of his professional career, Ojochogwu has served as Administrative Secretary/Junior Researcher at the Center for Youth Orientation and Enlightenment (CYOEN), an NGO concerned with providing guidance, inspiration, and leadership training to youths, and as Researcher Assistant to the Conference of Democratic Scholars (CODES), a think-tank and consultancy forum for the formation and dissemination of developmental social and political philosophies in Nigeria.

He has promoted his values through the Enlightenment Transhumanist Forum of Nigeria and Transhumanist Africa.

He is Series Coeditor of Transhumanism and Africa. This book series is a collective platform for the literature and conversation on transhumanism in relation to the African world. It aims to provide an intellectual public space for ideas by scholars of African origin and/or with an African perspective in engaging with the developing set of challenges and opportunities posed by both emerging, human enhancement technologies and the philosophy of transhumanism visions and creations of Africa and Africans.

In 2021, Ojochogwu joined Humanity Plus as an Executive Advisor and became a Member of The Center for Transhumanist Studies. Humanity+ advocates for the ethical use of technology and evidence-based science to expand human capabilities and the aim of the Center for Transhumanist Studies is to provide a program for lifelong learning that is immediate, accessible, and continually updating.

Read Advancing Neutral Monism in Big History and Transhumanist Philosophy published in The Transhumanism Handbook in 2020.

In 2020, Ojochogwu founded New Agora, a campus philosophy Book and Debate club at Kogi State University.

Ojochogwu earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy in 2023 from the University of Abuja. In 2011, he earned his Master’s Degree of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Lagos and his Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Philosophy and Religious Studies in 2008 from Kogi State University.

In 2010, he joined the CODES Global Foundation for Climate Change, Good Governance and Sustainable Development NGO as Director of Programme and Planning and stayed with them for eight years. This NGO is an offshoot of CODES, an organization with a focus on harnessing the intersections between political systems and environmental ideology/causes to push for progress in the areas of governance, environmental protection through eco-friendly technological innovation and enterprise, and overall sustainable socio-economic development. While serving with the foundation, Ojochogwu played a key role in designing the bright green environmentalist blueprint which led to the establishment of the Center for Environmental Studies-Nasarawa State University, Keffi (CES-NSUK).

Ojochogwu is a supporter of disability rights activism and occasionally writes for the Qualitative Magazine, a platform for disability rights advocacy in Nigeria. His enthusiasm for the growth of a thinking culture among contemporary and future African youth generations influenced his cofounding of Thinker’s Pub Abuja in 2016. This is a club for young bright minds acting to promote rational and critical thought in Nigeria and beyond.

Ojochogwu is also active in the volunteering space. He is Editorial Advisor for the Immortalist Magazine, Head of Africa Markets at TAFFD’s, and Member of the Ethics Board at Afrolongevity.

He was Convenor of the Panel on The Transhumanism in Africa Project at the European Conference on African Studies (ECAS) “African Futures” 2023, held at the University of Cologne, Germany.

Ojochogwu authored Transhumanism, Singularity and the Meaning of Life: An Afrofuturist Perspective in the book Conversations on African Philosophy of Mind, Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence.

Watch A Life of More — Natasha Vita-More Interviewed by Chogwu Abdul for TAFFD’s and Transhumanism and Africa Symposium 2022.

Read his An Exposition of James Hughes’ Problematization of the Concept of Progress in Transhumanist Thought. Read Agbolade Omowole speaks alongside Martine Rothblatt, Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, others on emerging technologies.

Visit his LinkedIn profile, CTA page, and his Google Scholar page. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.