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Nitish Kannan

Nitish Kannan is CEO and Founder at and Realtor at Keller Williams Beverly Hills.
Circle Plus Payments has created an application to allow anyone to take a picture and accept a credit card for micro-transactions without any hardware or merchant accounts.
Nitish is also a screenwriter for Hollywood and is currently working on a few scripts, including Max Steel, Supercomet After the Impact, and Batman Beyond the Movie. He is in the midst of negotiating a few deals for these scripts. He is also writing the book “Destiny: a Future Beyond Your Wildest Dreams” coming out next year. It’s a book on transhumanism and technologies that are getting us to the singularity.
Nitish graduated from the University of South Florida in Biomedical Sciences and Biomed in 2012. He did research under Dr. Emmanuel Donchin in p300 brain machine interfaces. The interfaces were used to control an EEG speller and robotic arm using thought alone.
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