Advisory Board

Nikita Johnson, MSc

Nikita Johnson, MSc is Founder of RE.WORK. RE.WORK combines entrepreneurship, technology, and science to re-work the future to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges using emerging technology.
She has previously worked as an International Events Director for IEG, organizing international business forecasting summits. She also organizes Startup Weekend Events.
Nikita cofounded the LSE Alumni Entrepreneurs Group (previously LSE Student Business Incubator), providing support to LSE Alumni starting and growing their own businesses.
Her specialties include entrepreneurship, startups, disruptive technology, social entrepreneurship, event management, communications, WordPress design, research and analysis, online marketing, and desktop publishing.
Nikita earned her HNC in Dance at Anniesland College in 2004. She earned her BSc in Geography, Geomatics, Business, and Archaeology at The University of British Columbia (for her junior year) and The University of Glasgow in 2008. She earned her MSc in Urbanization and Development at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2011.
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