Advisory Board

Nicholas R. Van Der Meulen

Nicholas R. Van Der Meulen is a Lifetime Cryonics Institute member and a biotech student at Palm Beach State College focusing on cellular and molecular biology.
Nick’s life insurance policy increases with value over time so eventually it will be worth millions of dollars. These funds will enable him to afford an optimal cryopreservation. Or perhaps before he needs such a preservation these funds will be used to attain access to regenerative medicine that enables him to revert back to perfect health, reach the longevity escape velocity, and begin living indefinitely. His ultimate goal is to transition into the next stage of human evolution inevitably becoming immortal and invincible.
Scientists studying cellular senescence are discovering various methods for radically extending healthy human lifespan. There are thousands of people who want to live indefinitely and many more that will accept indefinite lifespan once the option is available. But just as the FDA prepares requirements that must be fulfilled before drugs may be given to the public, Nick has prepared a very specific set of requirements that must be fulfilled before regenerative medicine can be provided for the public or even humanity as a whole. Some of these requirements include elevating the state of humanity, increasing the carrying capacity of humanity, assuming total control over the population, and fully developing regenerative medicine. Please contact Nick if you would like an extremely detailed explanation of this.
Once the decay of aging is reversed and eliminated and our bodies can maintain themselves within a range of perfect health, whether it be after cryostasis or within his lifetime, a new era will have risen. Transhumanists will have access to a plethora of biological modifications which facilitate an integration between those of man and that of cyborg. Within a hyper-realistic virtual reality which may mimic the laws of physics these transhumanists will be able to travel anywhere in existence and experience any possible event in the universe.
Recently Nick has completed a movie script that describes this era or depiction of the future. The script fully encompasses all aspects of cryonics, indefinite lifespan, and transhumanism. Please contact Nick if you would like a copy of the script.
Watch The First People To Become Immortal — Nicholas R. Van Der Meulen.