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Moncef El Moumen

Moncef El Moumen attended Joseph Fourier university and now lives in Morocco.
Moncef’s passion for math started at age twelve, but for him gained maturation only after spending three years solely doing mathematics: trying to observe and reconstruct mathematical objects on his own, typically long nights-to-mornings working sessions both very exhausting and enjoyful: “Something that no university in the planet can really give you, complete intellectual freedom”.
In the near future he’s planning to start graduate school to concentrate only in what really matters to him mathematical research. His interests are diverse ranging from brain science, occasional tackling of some open engineering problems to experimental DIY-rocketry (a risky hobby he had to stop some years ago to avoid any potential qui pro quo…)
Moncef believes that the interaction of matter and energy in our physical reality is analogous to the interactions between problems and ideas in mathematical reality, “the exact relation between mathematics and physics is analogous to the Mind-body problem”. In this virtualization of our universe, “Why and how questions” are the Cartesian “Cogito ergo sum” here, wondering spirits can permit themselves to experimental observation, analogously to observing the sky with a telescope or chisel-cracking of geological rocks in the so-called physical world; or to global non-experimental exploration, by intuition.
When Moncef’s not working he meditates, listens to all kinds of music, mainly to Pink Floyd or to the Latvian violonist Gidon Kremer and to classics. Music is very important for him and feels like a perfusion of harmony. He says that to solve problems, one has to combine intuition hard work and imagination.
“Future societies will learn to master imagination and intuition as these will be the only valorization of humankind.”
Read his LinkedIn profile and his blog.