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Professor Mischa Dohler

Mischa Dohler, Ph.D. is Chair Professor in Wireless Communications at King’s College London, member of the Board of Directors of Worldsensing, Fellow (2014) and Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE, and Editor-in-Chief of the Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies. He is an entrepreneur, angel investor, passionate pianist, and fluent in 6 languages. His contributions have been featured in the Wall Street Journal and BBC.
Mischa has provided technical and thought leadership in wireless communications for 15 years, specifically in the fields of broadband 4G/5G wireless design, machine-to-machine (M2M) systems and Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies. He enjoys cutting-edge skills across telecommunications systems and has an in-depth understanding of research, innovation, and business.
He cofounded a globally successful M2M company, Worldsensing. He cofounded Sensefields, a company dedicated to smart transportation. He is angel investor in high-potential companies. He also acts as technology and entrepreneurship adviser, e.g. for Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room, the House of Lords UK, and various startups.
Mischa has shaped the industry landscape through his broadband standards contributions in ETSI BRAN, impacting the emerging design of 5G systems; and his M2M standards contributions in ETSI M2M, Wavenis, and IETF ROLL, impacting the billions of sensors to-be-rolled out over the next decade.
He has published more than 160 refereed journal and conference papers, books, and patents. His leadership role in academia is corroborated by editorial contributions in form of Editor-in-Chief (EiC), book series editor, journal editorial boards, lead/co-editor of special issues. His scientific publications are recognized by a very high citation h-index of 33, underpinning the cutting-edge nature of his work. His technical vision make him a popular keynote, panel, and tutorial speaker.
Mischa coedited Ultra Wideband Antennas and Propagation for Communications, Radar, and Imaging, Understanding UMTS Radio Network Modeling, Planning, and Automated Optimization: Theory and Practice, and Novel Techniques for Analysis and Design of Cross-Layer Optimized Wireless Sensor Networks, and coauthored Cooperative Communications: Hardware, Channel, and PHY.
His papers include Relay-based deployment concepts for wireless and mobile broadband radio, MIMO Systems With Adaptive Modulation, MAC essentials for wireless sensor networks, Distributed adaptive power allocation for wireless relay networks, Distributed turbo coding with soft information relaying in multi-hop relay networks, A resource allocation strategy for distributed MIMO multi-hop communication systems, and Femtocells: Past, present, and future.
Mischa earned his degree in Telecommunications at Technische Universität Dresden in 1998. He earned his MSc in Telecommunications at King’s College London, University of London in 1999. He earned his Ph.D. in Telecommunications at King’s College London, University of London in 2003 with the dissertation Virtual antenna arrays.
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