Advisory Board

Mikkel Freltoft Krogsholm

Mikkel Freltoft Krogsholm is Consultant at Copenhagen Finance IT Region (CFIR), Consultant at Finansrådet | Danish Bankers Association, Host at Paragraf SyvSyv, Flightmaster at Habrok, and Year Round Volunteer at Roskilde Festival.
Copenhagen Finance IT Region (CFIR) is a nonprofit organization which focuses on innovation and growth within the financial and ICT sector. Behind this initiative are 13 partners including business federations, unions, universities, and the public sector.
CFIR’s goal is to develop and promote the Danish and the Øresund Regional financial sector focusing on the potential of the high degree of interaction between finance and IT.
Mikkel was previously Alternate Member of Parliament at Folketinget, Board Member at Aarhus University, Student Teacher at Aarhus University, and Intern at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.
Mikkel is most of all curious. Curious of the world around him. Curious of everything from nature to high tech. And he always has new ideas of how to expand or evolve the things he works with. He is always on the lookout for a new and rewarding challenge. Hopefully one that will cater to his curiosity.
He is a professional networker with a keen focus on creating new and fruitful connections between companies, researchers, and innovators in order to achieve growth and innovation in the Danish financial sector.
Mikkel is an innovative and dedicated project manager with responsibility for a multi million DKK project. He is experienced in EU regional funds and Danish research and innovation grants.
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