Advisory Board

Miguel Galvez

Miguel Galvez is Cofounder of NBD Nanotechnologies.
Superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic surfaces have a variety of commercial applications. NBD is targeting water harvesting by employing these alternating chemical surface features in varied micro-patterns/arrays affording unique and uncharacteristic properties. Their surface engineering solutions are based on years of research of coming from elite university laboratories in a range of fields, including materials science and chemical engineering.
Miguel was previously an associate at TechStars, a mentorship-based startup accelerator and early stage venture capital fund. At TechStars, he aided 13 startups invested in the areas of BD, marketing, research, and social media. He also helped launch Boston Startup School as a founding member, a six week program designed to teach graduating seniors the hard skills to join a startup.
Miguel earned his BS in Biology at Boston College.
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