Advisory Board

Michael W. H. Yeung

Michael W. H. Yeung is a 3rd year undergrad pursuing a Bachelor in Business Administration at Simon Fraser University and is Founder and President of the Simon Fraser Bitcoin Club.
He is primarily interested in management information systems and entrepreneurship. After 2 years of mining and researching Bitcoin, he formed the Simon Fraser Bitcoin Club in early 2013. He serves as the club’s president, directing its overall activities and ensuring the club fulfils its mandate of engaging and educating Canadians about the emerging world of virtual currencies and the future of money.
Mike’s vision is to break the complexities of Bitcoin into accessible parts. The club realizes this vision by showing how Bitcoin enables mankind to transcend borders (much like the Internet has done), inspiring others to get involved, and pushing for greater Bitcoin adoption in Canada. He believes that Canadians have the right ingredients to bring the future of money to the present. He has no doubts that future generations will regard Bitcoin as a milestone in human evolution.
Mike’s friends and colleagues often claim that he is “a bit crazy” when it comes to Bitcoin. Thus far, he has chosen not to refute these claims. Besides, if Bill Gates can call Bitcoin a “tour de force”, then it might be something worth being crazy about!
The Simon Fraser Bitcoin Club is the premier university-based club devoted to Bitcoin advocacy in Canada (the Stanford Bitcoin Group being the only other equal in North America). The club helps make SFU known for innovation by making the school synonymous with Bitcoin.
Skills: research, networking, entrepreneurship, good with analogies, and result driven.
Other languages: Cantonese and Mandarin (oral fluency & elementary literacy).
Interests: bitcoin consulting, bitcoin related collaborations, community engagement, entrepreneurship, networking, volunteering, macroeconomics, philosophy, social equality, disruptive innovations, and challenging the impossible.
Achievements: established the first and most prominent university-based Bitcoin Club in Canada (2013), and is recipient of SFU’s Undergraduate Open Scholarship (2013).
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