Advisory Board

Michael Patryn, M.A.

Michael Patryn, M.A. brings over 20 years of experience working with Fintech companies specializing in payment processing, banking, and platforms utilizing digital currencies. He provides a wealth of experience, knowledge, and access to the wide network which he has established within the Financial Technology space.
Michael works with numerous nonprofit organizations such as the World BJJ Federation, the Vancouver Bitcoin Cooperative, and the Lifeboat Foundation. He has been quoted as a subject matter expert in a number of media publications on cryptocurrencies and has appeared at several conferences, including Euro Money 20/20.
Along with his work in fintech and cryptocurrencies, he has assisted numerous companies with the process of going public on the Canadian Securities Exchange and the TSX Venture Exchange, helping with finance, compliance, M&A, and strategic growth. He continues to advise for law firms, banks, digital currency companies, and securities exchanges.
Michael earned his Master’s degree in Social Psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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