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Matias Castro, MSc

Matias Castro, MSc is Member of the MPrize 300, blogger at fixaging, and Web Consultant.
Matias has been a software developer all his life, working in the telecoms and bioinformatics field. Now he is developing sites and marketing online.
His specialties include Web design, SEO, PPC, and SEM.
Matias authored Repairing Brain Damage, Genetic Test Guides Best Weight Loss Diet, PIB-PET May Be Effective For Detecting Alzheimer’s Deposits, Increasing Life Expectancy with the Okinawan Diet, Reversing Muscle Aging (Sarcopenia), Congestive Heart Failure and Disability, Aging and Age Related Diseases, Repairing the Eye, Regenerative Medicine for Horses, Cure for Flu (ACAM-FLU-A), Infrared Could Help with Dementia, Cancer and Aging, Brain Training to Fight Alzheimer’s, Reduce Risk of Heart Disease by Monitoring Cholesterol, How Long Will You Live?, and Regenerative Medicine.
Matias earned his Masters in Information Systems Engineering at Imperial College London in 1999.
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