Advisory Board

Mark Friedenbach

Mark Friedenbach is Application Developer at NASA-Ames Research Center.
Mark is a generalist engineering physicist and web application developer with a special emphasis in computer science, mechanical and systems engineering, and computational physics (including numerical analysis), with professional experience in web application development, operations, scalability, and big data.
Specialties: Frameworks: Django, Flask, Ruby on Rails.
Programming: Python, Ruby, Javascript, Lisp/Clojure, Haskell, C/C++, C#, Java, x86/x64 Assembly.
APIs: SQL/database, OpenGL.
Dev. Environments: MSVC, OSS/GNU toolchain, Google App Engine, Amazon AWS
Dev. Technologies: DCVS (git, hg, monotone), Continuous Integration (Jenkins/Hudson)
Engineering Coursework: Finite Element Theory, EM Field Theory, Optics, Mass Properties, Structural and Vibrational Analysis, Control Theory, Thermodynamics, Linear Systems, Numerical Methods, and Analytical Mechanics.
Mark earned his B.S. in Engineering Physics at Santa Clara University in 2009.
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