Advisory Board

Manie Eagar

Manie Eagar is President & CEO at Idaeon, Director at the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada, and Executive Director at SourceAfrica.
Idaeon (previously PACTS Consulting) marries creative and dynamic systems and design thinking principles to craft a range of possibilities until the selection of options and the course of action becomes clear. In the end the facts must speak for themselves and the optimal design is set in place. Idaeon has assisted government departments and agencies, enterprise, investors, business schools, new ventures, startups, and entrepreneurs in structuring their ideas and innovations to design their response to a range of challenges to drive new wealth creation, business value delivery, and strategies for innovation.
The Bitcoin Alliance of Canada is dedicated to raising awareness of bitcoin among Canadian consumers, merchants, businesses, regulators, and policy makers; to promoting bitcoin adoption in Canada; to further Canadian and international study and research in bitcoin and other virtual currencies; and, to promoting Canadian participation in international partnerships, associations, and other efforts to promote, study, research, and discuss bitcoin and other virtual currencies.
SourceAfrica is an Africa-wide initiative promoting Africa as a viable Business Process Services and Offshoring, and ICT-enabled Services destination. Africa has the essential ingredients to be a force to be reckoned with in the global BPO space, and addressing the challenges it faces will enhance its value offering. Africa’s economic growth is creating substantial new business opportunities that are often overlooked by global companies.
Manie is a global investment and mergers and acquisitions advisor, and marketing and business development executive with over 30 years of driving new wealth creation, business growth, and strategic innovation. During the past two years he has focused on deal shaping and making in the new world of digital value interexchange, mobile media delivery platforms, and digital money 2.0 futures, inspired by the cryptocurrency protocol phenomenon.
Manie earned his BA LLB (Legal) at the University of Pretoria in 1976.
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