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Dr. Lydia Fucsko

Lydia Fucsko, Ph.D. is an Australian teacher, researcher, children’s author and illustrator, internationally published photographer, narrator, dramatist, poet, and linguist.
Lydia also holds a Masters degree in Counseling. Her active roles in amphibian conservation have been predominantly in education and public relations. As a photographer she has taken countless pictures of amphibians, including photo galleries of mostly south-eastern Australian frogs.
She completed her Ph.D. project on amphibian conservation at Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia. Her Ph.D. work, which includes novel research on the significance of amphibians in human cultural development, was reviewed and supported by a worldwide group of amphibian scientists. It highlighted global amphibian declines, as well as reflecting her dedication to environmental issues.
Read her Google+ profile, IMDb profile, and LinkedIn profile. Watch her YouTube channel.