Advisory Board

Professor Lowell A. Morton

Lowell A. Morton, Ph.D. is Administrator at Virtual Universities.
The educational research being done by Virtual Universities includes:

  1. Investigating new high tech mining extraction and high speed centrifuge based refinement technologies at the College of Mines where the extraction & concentration of Gold for future funding and Thorium as a precious metal as slated for nuclear substrates are manufactured to be utilized for nuclear power systems as future fuel for the SRNRL Nuclear Battery and Virtual Universities Light Switch LENR, both of which are currently in research and development at VU.
  2. Developing new research techniques and methods of investigative research utilizing new emerging computerized electronic brain scanning equipment as well as researching newly related computerized mental illness treatment by focused concentrated magnetic field computer controlled technologies.
  3. Researching and developing new ethanol & bio-fuel by means of biological extraction from cellulose, implementing new designs and creation research techniques & related technologies for creation of subsequent newly developed fuel and food products genetically engineered at their Land Laboratory.
  4. Exploring human life extension modifications utilizing processes not derived from stem cells as being removed from the human genome and constructing a Genetic Engineering Laboratory working in concert with Aubrey de Grey assisting his mission statement by cooperation in concert with the SENS Research Project that is currently in progress in Cambridge England.
  5. Developing and constructing as well as licensing new high tech multimedia educational high speed free internet as well as companion high definition broadcast television and other such related interactive communication systems.
  6. Creating and testing newly developed power storage systems designed around newly emerging space age Solar, PV, & Wind Farm optically controlled electric power generation systems equipment and their related technologies. Currently development of the Richard Hansen Collapsing Field Motor Generator, as previously successfully tested for proof of concept by utilizing a specially machined vector calibrated optical distributor that was mounted on a Millennium Motor Generator.
  7. Conducting further investigations into past physical genetic human genome history presenting information obtained from the Clay Tablets and Cylinder Seals of ancient civilizations and further making this information as well as free e-books available to the general public at no cost from its e-library.
Lowell earned his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Microbiology at the University of Old London in 1986.
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